A simple app to make roads safer and friendlier by helping you communicate alert messages quickly, clearly, and safely to other vehicles.


This app is something that’s been kicking around in my head for years. A simple way to communicate safety concerns to other vehicles.

Most commonly I see people driving with low tires, or with a lightbulb out. And a few times, I’ve seen large vehicles carrying very poorly secured loads. (In one instance I saw one of the straps on the road after it had flown off!)

And who hasn’t accidentally upset another driver and wished they could convey a clearer apology? How many of you have seen that one special car rolling down the road with a muffler sparking about to fall off? Well, now there’s an app for that!

In general, I just want to give people a simple tool to help them communicate alerts quickly, clearly, and safely to other vehicles. The app is also inspired by the style (font, layout, and colors) of real traffic alerts and signs.

I am not planning on making the messages editable, because of the likelihood of abuse, but I am open to suggestions for improved or new messages. Lastly, this app is meant to make the roads safer and friendlier, so please, please, please heed the usage disclaimer.

Happy Motoring!

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