TLC Day is a new initiative to encourage, empower, and equip all of us to commit at least 30 minutes to Tighten, Lube, and Clean the basic things we use and interact with at home or work.



If it wiggles, wobbles, or otherwise moves when it shouldn’t, reach for a wrench or screwdriver and TIGHTEN it up!

Tighten all the loose things!

Tighten loose screws and fasteners on door handles, knobs, power outlets, light fixtures, table legs and more!


If it squeaks, scrapes, or otherwise makes noises it shouldn’t, give it drop or a spray to LUBE it up!

Lubricate all the squeaky things!

Lubricate door and cupboard hinges, drawer slides, door latches, chair swivels and more!


If it’s grubby, grimy, or otherwise something you’d rather not touch, bust out a microfiber and CLEAN it up!

Clean all the dirty things!

Clean touch surfaces, light plates, door knobs, buttons, handles and more!


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