The PhoneTrunk – Patent Pending

Does your phone have a trunk? We are pleased to present the Patent Pending PhoneTrunk, the next essential accessory for cell phones and mobile electronics. Does your phone have a trunk? Contact us today for licensing!

Coming soon!

We’ve learned the hard way in many areas. We’ve used and tried a lot of things that worked to varying degrees. We will be sharing what really did work. This will be worth waiting for.

Coming soon!

We live in the 2020s now, an age of technological magic, and we are truly inspired by the incredible possibilities. Look here soon for some of what inspires us.

Coming soon!

We are working on a number of articles to share here, both that we have written and others that we feel are very worth sharing. Check back soon!

Coming soon!

We have been busy with many fun and exciting experiments, but we aren’t ready to show and tell anything just yet. Check back soon!

Website Development

Do you have a website that needs a refresh? Or are you looking to create something brand new? Contact us to find out how we can help.


TLC Day is a new initiative to encourage, empower, and equip all of us to commit at least 30 minutes to Tighten, Lube, and Clean the basic things we use and interact with at home or work. TIGHTEN If it wiggles, wobbles, or otherwise moves when it shouldn’t, reach for a wrench or screwdriver and …

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A simple app to make roads safer and friendlier by helping you communicate alert messages quickly, clearly, and safely to other vehicles. This app is something that’s been kicking around in my head for years. A simple way to communicate safety concerns to other vehicles. Most commonly I see people driving with low tires, or …

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